Asbestos Disposal Service

Why Choose Wasteology for Your Waste Disposal Service 

Asbestos is a dangerous substance that can cause severe respiratory illness and must be disposed of with care, therefore asbestos waste is subject to strict consignment note requirements for generation and transport. Wasteology are a licensed Asbestos transfer station for cement bonded asbestos. Wasteology provide a cost effective solution to clients generating or removing asbestos waste from sites.

If you discover asbestos or asbestos bonded materials in your home during work or DIY activities the general advice is to leave it alone. If the material is damaged or you have to remove it, you must make arrangements for its safe removal and disposal. . 

How Bonded Asbestos is Collected

Small quantities of bonded asbestos, arising from household maintenance and repairs, can be taken by you, the householder, to our Waste Transfer Station depending on the type of asbestos. Wasteology have an enclosed lockable caged area with an impermeable surface that can hold small containers.

  • Pre paid double wrapped in tough plastic Bags which can be securely sealed and in manageable quantities up to 25kg
  • Enclosed Skips – will be taken direct to an Asbestos Treatment Station
  • Lockable 660 Litre Eurobins

Where is Asbestos Typically Found

Asbestos was used for many industrial purposes and used in most buildings before the year 2000. Commonly used in floor and ceiling tiles, boilers, thermal pipe lagging, some insulation board and sprayed coatings. Bonded asbestos is often found in garages, sheds, farm buildings; asbestos cement pipes, floor tiles, fire resistant insulation productions, friction material, textile products and moulded plastic and battery boxes. 

There are three types of asbestos:

Blue Asbestos – crocidolite

Brown Asbestos – amosite

White Asbestos – chrysotile – This is cement bonded Asbestos that Wasteology are licensed to collect

How to Order Asbestos Waste Service

Please call our Technical Sales department for advice and booking a suitable Asbestos Waste Disposal Service. Call us on 01823 672 900 or email us on