Pre Paid Sacks

What is A Pre Paid Sack Collection Service?

The Wasteology Pre-Paid Sack Collection service is a cost effective and flexible way to dispose of your waste for when you do not have the space for a waste container. A collection can be arranged to suit you; either on a weekly or daily schedule, five days a week Monday to Friday  and hours between 7am and 4 pm are preferred. Most suited to small businesses especially retailers and small offices, schools and the leisure sector (particularly pubs and clubs).

This service suits some small businesses especially retailers and small offices, schools and the leisure sector (particularly pubs and clubs). Two types of Refuse sacks can be provided.

  • Standard black bags
  • Mixed recycling clear bags

These are branded with Wasteology and are high quality gusseted bags that are made from tough low density polythene. The clear sack allows the mixed recycle to be viewed to ensure the correct waste has been placed in the correct bag. This ensures the recycle process in as efficient as possible.

Commercial Waste is governed by legislation and therefore all businesses are legally required to have a current Waste Transfer Note (WTN) in their possession in order to trade. Wasteology customers are issued with a Waste Transfer Note as part of our service and no additional cost charged unlike some companies.

How to Order Pre Paid Refuse Sacks?

Businesses can pre-order and pay for bags in advance, with a minimum order of 1 pack which contains 25 bags.   The price of the bag covers the collection and disposal of the waste, a Waste Transfer Note and a Duty of Care for compliance.

New customers please call us on 01823 672 900 and we arrange to either visit you or we can send out relevant information.

What Waste is not acceptable in Refuse Sacks?

Please note that the maximum weight per bag is 5 kg

  • No liquids, or any material which is toxic, corrosive, flammable, explosive or hazardous.
  • No raw or unprocessed animal wastes including meat fish or eggs.
  • No waste that constitutes or is likely to constitute a health and safety risk to any persons emptying or collecting or disposing of the waste or emptying the Pre-Paid Bag. Including broken glass.

Where should the Bags be Located for Collection?

  • Pre-Paid Bags shall be sited in a safe and secure position for convenient collection as agreed with Wasteology. The Pre-Paid Bag must be securely tied.
  • The Customer accepts responsibility for all loss or damage of the Pre-Paid Bags. The Customer shall take all reasonable care of the Pre-Paid Bags.
  • The Customer shall provide safe and unobstructed access to the Pre-Paid Bags on the day of collection.

When is the service provided?

Wasteology agrees to provide to the Customer the Services at the Location of Transfer making collections on the days, at the frequency and places as set out in Order Form.

  • Wasteology provide a collection service that can be arranged 7 days a week depending on Location of your business. Please be aware that your local Council or Local Authority may have restrictions on times when waste in bags can be disposed of onto the public highway.  Check this information before you organise your order with us. No responsibility can be made by Wasteology if fines are incurred if we have not been suitable notified.
  • The provision of the Services may be varied during Bank Holidays, other holidays, during emergency or to meet other operational requirements including inclement weather or in other circumstances outside the control of Wasteology. Where possible Wasteology we will endeavour to notify the Customer in advance. Any such variation will be without liability to Wasteology however we will endeavour to make arrangements for any uncollected Pre-Paid Bag to be collected.
  • It is the Customers responsibility to ensure they have sufficient Pre-Paid Bags.  The Waste Transfer Note shall only be valid up to the date that the Customer ceases to have a supply of Pre-Paid Bags in his possession. Thereafter the WTN ceases to be valid.