Environmental Policy

About Wasteology's Policy for the Environment

It is the policy of Wasteology to do all its business in a way that will lessen or eliminate any adverse effect on the environment. Wasteology are passionate about protecting the environment for the benefit of local communities in Somerset and Devon. 

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Wasteology has an Environmental Policy that states the use of all good environmental practices in its day-to-day operations;

Our Waste Management Services

Wasteology Ltd are determined to be at the forefront of a developing recycling market and therefore to be in a position to provide a variety of recycling options to our clients. Considerable development time is invested in continuously looking at new waste handling and recycling technologies throughout Europe, North America and China.

Wasteology are proud of their achievements to date and their service reputation. We are now determined to build on our successes by offering unrivalled service and customer choice, developing integrated waste management and recycling services for all of our current and future customers.

We will continue to provide help and guidance through the ever changing landscape of legislation and environmental awareness.

Our Transport Fleet is Reducing Carbon Foot Print

Wasteology are part of the FTA Freight Transport Association.



Wasteology are pleased to announce we have replaced our fleet and trucks to exceed the Euro 5 legislative requirements imposed in January 2012.