A Somerset and Devon Waste Management and Recycling Service Provider

Wasteology have a company ethic of" WE WASTE NO WASTE". With a goal to achieve Zero Landfill, Wasteology provide  competitive Waste Management and Recycling services in Somerset and Devon. Our client base ranges from commercial businesses such as  Retailers, Manufacturers, Local Authorities, Education and Entertainment establishments, Distribution and Transportation sectors. Also we have excellent working relationships with many construction companies for Fit Out, Demolition and New Build projects. 

Recycling Is Important to You and Wasteology

Recycling is important to ALL businesses with increasing pressure to protect our global environment for future generations.  Wasteology appreciate that every customer has different needs and it is our job to assist with your recycling and set up a bespoke service that is the most cost effective Waste Collection for you. Once your waste is collected it is treated at our   MRF (Material Recovery Facility) at Wellington in Somerset., here  we take the dry waste and segregate into different materials with accuracy. Further steps are taken to Recycle each waste type. Further information is available on each material type by simply clicking on the picture icon on the right hand side of which material type you wish to know more about. 

Recycle Targets are from 80% with a Zero Landfill option being available on request. 

If you would like a free Waste Audit, please contact our experienced Sales Team  on  01823 672 900

Wasteology Limited recycle all traditional materials:

  • General and Municipal
  • Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR)
  • Wood
  • Metal and Aluminium
  • Cardboard and Paper
  • Glass
  • Plastics
  • Mixed Construction Waste
  • Hard-Core/Brick/Concrete/Stone
  • Soils and Green Waste
  • Textiles

All other waste types are managed appropriate treatment centres:

  • Special and Hazardous Waste
  • Tyres
  • Waste Electronic & Electrical Equipment (WEEE)
  • Secure Destruction Waste
  • Medical Waste

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