Metal and Aluminium

Wasteology Recycle Metal and Aluminium

It is a well know fact that metal is a popular commodity to recycle as it can be of high value. Wasteology will collect  ferrous and non-ferrous metals, determined by the content of iron  as well as steel and aluminium. 

  • Recycling metal protects the environment by saving energy on production of new metals
  • Protects the environment with extracting less natural minerals
  • Less materials are sent to landfill

 If all cans in the UK were recycled, we would need 14 million fewer dustbins.

Wasteology Offer a Free Collection Service Of Metal and Aluminium

Wasteology offer a free collection service for metal recycling and will monitor the grade of the commodity  against the markets for Recycle prices to ensure that partnership with our clients is beneficial.

Commercial and Construction sites will order separate containers for metal either, Roll On Roll Off, Skips, Wait and Load Caged Lorries and  Wheeled Bins.

Call our Technical Sales Team or further information – 01823 672 900