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Wasteology Recycle Plasterboard

Wasteology offer a competitive plasterboard collection service and can recycle the waste back into he gypsum manufacturing process. Gypsum and plasterboard are the same material. 

  • Plasterboard cannot be disposed of into landfill
  • Plasterboard is a hazardous Waste
  • Plasterboard MUST be collected in separate containers

Wasteology  has been recycling Plasterboard for many years and has an efficient process in place. With separate Plasterboard collections and segregated stock piles that is effectively sent for recycling. This leads to a competitive price being offered to Construction clients that has won many partnerships in this field.

Benefits of Using Wasteology For Plasterboard Collections 

  • Wasteology offer a regulated waste collection and treatment process at our MRF in Wellington
  • Wasteology are  a licensed Waste Carrier for plasterboard
  • A wide range of containers can be ordered; Enclosed Skips, Lockable Wheeled Bins, RORO's 

Call our Technical Sales Team on 01823 672 900 for further information.

Recycling Plasterboard

Plasterboard can easily be recycled, 94% of the waste is recycled and sent back to the Gypsum manufacturer, so they can make new plasterboard with it. Recycled Gypsum powder will be used for a variety of uses:

  • To make new plasterboard
  • As a key ingredient in cement
  • As an alternative material to make blocks and bricks
  • As a basic part in the growing of mushrooms
  • Improving soil quality for farmers

Wasteology Targets a 100% recycling of Plasterboard to hit our zero landfill target.