Recycling Plastic

Wasteology offer a waste collection service for Plastic enabling a high quantity of plastics to be separated and recycled in various new materials. There are six grades of plastic and the highest volume that is separated and recycled by Wasteology is PET, and HDPE. Offsite the last stage of the plastic recycling is a heat based process. The plastic is melted down and either reformed into new product or compounded with additives and colourants and pelletised into high quality raw materials that can be used to manufacture new sustainable products.

  • Plastic can take hundreds of years to decompose if placed in landfill
  • Recycling Plastic  reduces landfill impacts and costs
  • Recycling Plastic is better for the environment than burking plastic in incineration
  • The Plastic market is still growing by 4% per annum

Benefits of Using Wasteology For Plastic Collection Service

Wasteology collect plastics in a co-mingled mixed recycle collection, along with card, cans, paper and glass. We then use their Material Recovery Facility to separate and recover the plastic for recycling.

  • Wasteology is a Full Licensed Waste Carrier
  • Wellington is the location of our Somerset Material Recovery Facility
  • Separate containers can be provided for Plastic or DMR collections; 240, 360, 660 and 1100 Litre wheeled bins
  • Balers are recommended for high volume plastic waste disposal. See  Balers

Wasteology have a professionally trained team to assist with advise, quotations and ordering a Waste Collection Service

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Classification Of Plastic Grades

plastic1 pet


Soft drink bottles  Polyester Fibres Thermoformed sheet

plastic2 hdpe


Bottles  Grocery bags  Agricultural pipe Base cups Playground equipment

plastic3 pvc


Pipe Fencing  Non food bottles

plastic4 lpde


Plastic Bags   Dispensing bottles Wash bottles Various tubing Moulded lab equipment

plastic5 pp


Auto parts  Industrial Fibres

plastic6 ps


Expanded polystyrene products Desk Accessories Cafeteria Trays Toys  DVD Cases

plastic7 other


Construction/Traffic Bollards  Pipes  Garden Furniture