Wasteology Offer A Collection And Recycle Service For Wood

Wood is a sustainable product that should be recycled in order to protect the environment. There are different quality of woods and this effects the recycle process for each type of wood. The table below high lights the main types and grades determined by the WRA – Wood Recyclers Association. 

Clean Wood  – Grade A Source: Packaging from Retailers, distributors, Manufactures Accepted : Solid Softwood, Hardwood Packaging, Scrap Pallets, Packing Cases, Cable Drums, Off Cuts
Grade B + Source: Construction, Demolition and Transfer Stations Accepted: Building Wood,Demolition Wood,  Solid Wood Domestic Furniture
Fuel Grade – Grade C + Source: Recycled and Municipal Collections Accepted: Flat Pack Furniture, Chipboard, MDF, Plywood, Fibreboard
Hazardous – Grade D+ Source: Chemical Treated and Contaminated Wood Accepted: Railway Sleepers, Telegraph Poles, Fences


Benefits Of Using Wasteology

  • Wasteology Are a Fully Licensed Waste Carrier
  • Wasteology have a Material Recovery Facility to segregate wood
  • Vast Construction Waste experience to handle SWMP data and Recycle reports
  • Wide variety of collection services are offered for wood; Skips, RORO's, Wait and Load, Grab Loaders, Shredders
  • For further information and call our Technical Sales Team 01823 672 900
  • Or email info@wasteology.co.uk

Sustainable Solutions For Recycled Wood 

  • Exported Biomass
  • Biomass/ Energy UK
  • Pathways and Coverings
  • Mulches and Composts
  • Animal/Poultry Bedding/ Equestrian Surfacing
  • Export Panel Board
  • Panel Board