Waste Types

Waste Types That Wasteology Accept

At Wasteology our companying ethic is WASTE NO WASTE . For environmental purposes the goal today is to have zero landfill and strive towards a 100% Reuse, Recycle and  Recover target. This is not easy to achieve but we are trying our best to reach the 100% target and also help all our customers to do the same.

General Waste Skips can contain most waste types that are found in Residential Homes, Construction Sites and in Commercial Businesses. This list is too long to name them all.  Some of our favourite waste types that we can treat and recycle are:

Construction Waste: Hardcore, Brick, Soil, Concrete, Aggregate, Metal, Wood, Plasterboard

Packaging; Cardboard, Plastics, Wood Pallets, Films

Dry Mixed Recycling ( DMR) – Cardboard; Glass; Plastics, Aluminium Cans

Municipal Waste – Food, Waste that has been contaminated with wet waste, Green Waste


Waste Types That Wasteology Can Not Accept In A Skip

Although certain wastes can not be accepted directly into a general skip, the Waste can be collected and appropriately treated for you. Some wastes are not accepted in Skips because they are dangerous. Wasteology can manage this type of Specialised Waste Collection for you please follow the link Specialised Waste TypesThe wastes that can not go in a normal skip are:

Electrical appliances, Fluorescent light tubes, Batteries Fridges, Freezers and Air-conditioning units, TV’s and Monitors Paints (including residues inside paint cans), Solvents, Aerosols and gas canisters Liquids, Oil, fuel and other automotive fluids Plasterboard, Asbestos, Tyres Clinical or Medical Waste, Toxic materials Large tree trunks

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Know More About Our Recycling

If you want to know how we process your waste and recycle the above materials please follow Recycling