Skip Hire Axminster

Devon Waste Management & Recycling

Axminster complete containers services. Skip hire ranging from 2 cubic yards to 12 cubic yards, including open, enclosed or compaction containers.

Axminster skip hire features –

  • Suitable for bulky household or industrial wastes
  • Portable compactor skips
  • Highway permits can be arranged
  • Crane certified skips also available
  • Reliable delivery and collection via Satellite Tracking

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Rolonoff Containers

We provide a full range of sizes and types; 30,30 and 40 cubic yards in capacity, including open, enclosed and compactor containers.

Trade Waste Collections (Euro bins 240L – 1100L)

Comprehensive trade and construction waste services for Axminster in Devon offering wheelie bins and pre-paid bag collection. This service is suitable for the collection of non-hazardous compactable waste streams and mixed recyclable material placement.

Compactors and Balers

Providing a range of waste compaction equipment with the ambition of reducing transport costs and increasing recycling revenues.

Compactors and baling equipment designed to reduce the storage space required for waste materials. These offer safe containment prior to transportation and disposal or recovery.

Site Clearance Services

We are able to supply plant and labour in conjunction with our collection services to provide a comprehensive site clearance service.

Special Waste Services

Wasteology can arrange for the assessment, recording, removal and safe disposal of all types of difficult and hazardous wastes in .

In some cases we may be able to recover some of the materials collected such as mercury and glass and metal recovery from fluorescent tubes.

These services would include the removal of contaminated soils, asbestos, paints, and laboratory smalls, as well as trade waste effluents.

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