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Balers and Compactors

Balers and Compactors

A very effective way of recycling is to use a balers and/or compactor. Because you  are saving space and reducing volume of waste and reducing logistical movements to empty the containers.  These pieces of equipment are for purchase or for hire enabling your business to save money and space. Also it is a very effective way of recycling your business waste

When is a Baler most useful?

Locating a baler inside or outside gives you flexibility, also there are a wide range of balers in different sizes: 

  • Mini Baler   –  about the size of a filing cabinet
  • Midi Baler  –  allows cardboard to be loaded without being broken up
  • Medium to Large Baler  –  allowing for cardboard and or plastics up to 250 kg
  • Heavy Duty Baler  – that can produce bales up to 400kg
  • Mill Sized Baler  –  up to 500kg this material can be directly shipped for recycling.
  • Multi Baler   –  about the size of two filing cabinets ideal for small to medium producers of cardboard and plastic

Why Is A Baler The Right Waste Solution For You?

  • If you have large quantities of cardboard or paper packaging
  • Accumulating plastic refuse from packaging that could be recycled
  • Recycle your aluminium cans made so easy

If you are a Retail, Distribution,Catering, Restaurant, Leisure or Education organisation then a Baler could save you critical storage space. This means that every square foot of space counts towards productivity and therefore affects your profitability.

  • Reduce your volume of waste
  • Costs savings by upto 80%?
  • Waste reduction is achieved by compacting the waste and can be up to  a ratio of 10:1
  • Increasing productivity to your business
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The advantages of using a Compactor Service 

Wasteology recommends this service to customers when generating a substantial amount of low density dry waste. Because having a  portable or static piece of equipment that will compress the waste hydraulically. 

  • Producing  large quantities of low density Dry Waste which means the final volume of waste can be significantly reduced and therefore Saving on your costs and your bottom line of the business
  • Making your site an, odour free waste solution
  • A clean site by  having a container reducing need for untidy waste on display
  • Saving Money and reducing costs when disposing of your business waste. Less vehicle movements than multiple Euro Bins or skips collections
  • Improved security because the container is inaccessible to others
  • Equipment can be branded to your own specification demonstrating environmental responsibility supporting your sustainability strategy
  • Reduced carbon footprint on reducing vehicle movements – Improved carbon footprint
  • Disruption can be reduced – Improved logistics to work productivity

There are two main types of Compactor: Static and Portable:

A Static Compactor comes in various sizes an enclosed Roll On Roll Off is attached and material is fed into the hopper of the compactor and compacted into the container. When the RORO container is full, Wasteology will exchange the container, taking the waste back to one of our Waste Transfer Stations for treatment.

A Portable Compactor can be used for a range of 2 – 12 tonnes. As this container is designed to be leak proof there is a demand for Wet General Waste produces to use this type of container.  The service will remove the entire container, take the waste to one of our Waste Transfer Stations for treatment and then returned.

What Waste Is Suitable For A Compactor?

  • Recyclables
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Plastics
  • Packaging
  • Plastic Packaging
  • Plastic cups
  • Plastic bottles
  • Wet General Waste is for Portable Leak Proof containers only.

What Waste That Is Not Suitable For A Compactor?

  • Hazardous waste
  • Liquid Waste
  • Glass
  • Construction rigid waste
  • Electrical waste
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